How to issue a watch corner in kindergarten

How to issue a watch corner in kindergarten

It is necessary to accustom children to work since early childhood. Therefore in groups of kindergarten establish schedules of watch on which kids in turn water flowers, set the table in the dining room, remove toys. This process can be turned into a fascinating adventure if to issue a corner of watch brightly, colourfully and with game elements.

It is required to you

  • - Whatman paper;
  • - paints;
  • - felt-tip pens;
  • - cardboard;
  • - paper;
  • - glue.


1. Draw on a Whatman paper a plot from some fairy tale or the animated film which is pleasant to most of children of group. For example, "Treasure island", "Snow White and seven gnomes", Shrek, "Adventure of Winnie-the-Pooh and his friends". It is possible to take vote among children in advance to find out what history it will be more interesting to it to play. Based on the animated film or the fairy tale create the fascinating adventure in which kids will take part. It is possible to write the whole scenario, even to think up and cast between children.

2. Make of color paper personalized pockets on each child. For children of younger groups it is better to attach the pupil's photo on a pocket, for children is more senior which already know letters and will be able to read the name, it is possible to write it. Paste pockets to a Whatman paper so that then it was possible to insert cards with tasks into them.

3. Prepare from cardboard small cards with tasks which children during the day will have to carry out. For example, to water flowers – draw a watering can which waters branches; to remove toys – the dolls and machines which are accurately placed on the shelf; watch in the dining room – the served table and so on.

4. Every morning before the working day change cards in pockets, according to the schedule of watch of children. And with pupils play the game on which they should perform certain tasks during the day. You ask them to approach every morning the stand and to watch what message for them is left today. For well made work they every day approach the purpose, for example, to treasures or rescue of the princess. And to meet expectations of children, the sacrament of a find of a treasure or rescue of the royal person can be held on a New Year's morning performance. And after to invent a modern fascinating story and to carry away in it little pupils.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team