How to receive the certificate of the child's birth

How to receive the certificate of the child's birth

Appearance of the child very joyful event in family, but it is saddened by the fact that parents face paperwork. A huge number of documents, references from various places - some for policlinic, others for children's consultation, the third for grants. And all of them are in own way important. Therefore mothers and fathers need to represent accurately in what institutions any given documents are necessary.


1. Process of childbirth - the most difficult stage in life of each woman. But also it is impossible to forget also about importance of documents which have to give out to each mom on it and her child. It is, first, the rest of the prenatal record which is issued in clinic for women, the 2 and 3 sheets where information on the nature of childbirth, on a condition of the woman in labor is reflected in the second leaf, and in the third - data on a condition of the child, physiological parameters (weight, growth). Secondly, coupons No. 3-1 and No. 3-2 of the birth certificate for payment to healthcare institutions of services for the first and second six months of dispensary observation respectively. Thirdly, the certificate of the child's birth from maternity hospital or the health certificate on the birth. It works within a month, has to be completed by the midwife who delivered and to comprise data on a sex of the child, time and date of birth. The certificate of the birth of the child is certified to a podyopisye of the midwife and the press of a rodyodom.

2. The REGISTRY OFFICE needs to be provided the certificate of the child's birth from maternity hospital for issue of the birth certificate by bodies, passports of mother and the father and the certificate on marriage (if is) and also the statement of one of parents. Together with the birth certificate also the reference in form No. 24 for receiving a lump sum of the child's birth which is valid within half a year is handed out. After this time the right to a federal grant according to St 17.2 Federal laws of 19.05.1995 No. 81-FZ do not remain. It is necessary to consider that this grant is given in the place of study, works of one of the child's parents. To receive benefits the following documents are necessary: the statement for purpose of a grant, the certificate of the birth in form No. 24 of bodies the REGISTRY OFFICE, the reference, studies of other parent that such allowance was not granted.

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