How to issue the sick-list on pregnancy and childbirth

How to issue the sick-list on pregnancy and childbirth

Since a certain term of pregnancy, the woman needs the sick-list on pregnancy and childbirth who is paid at the expense of the state. To receive this sick-list will not make special work, but nevertheless there are some subtleties to which it is worth paying attention.


1. Your attending physician the obstetrician-gynecologist in clinic for women in which you stay on the registry will have to issue the sick note. He is obliged to issue you the sheet of disability on the term of 30 obstetric weeks, and the term of the sick-list has to be 140 days. At polycarpous pregnancy it is possible to take the sick-list in 28 weeks for 194 days.

2. If you do not want to go on a maternity leave so early, then you can refuse issue of the sick-list. In that case it you will be given at the first requirement before childbirth.

3. If childbirth happened up to 30 weeks of pregnancy, then to you will issue the sick note on pregnancy and childbirth in that maternity hospital in which you gave birth. The term of such sick-list will be 156 days.

4. If during childbirth there are any complications, then at an extract you will be given out the additional sick-list for a period of 16 days.

5. After you receive the sick note on hands, surely check correctness of its filling. Pay attention that since July 22, 2011 violet, blue or black, at the same time such forms cannot be filled out with a ball pen. On the sick note set two triangular seals – in the right top and lower corners and one rectangular – in left top, with the indication of the name of medical institution. The last stamp can not be, then data on clinic are entered in the form by hand. Do not forget to check also whether your data and data on the organization in which the sick note should be provided are correctly entered.

6. Carry a disability leaf in human resources department or accounts department of the organization in which you work. There it will be necessary to write the application for providing the sick-list. Within 10 days to you will have to add maternity allowance.

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