In what poses it is possible to sleep at pregnancy

In what poses it is possible to sleep at pregnancy

Future mom after she learns about the pregnancy, it is necessary to refuse in many respects to itself not to do much harm to the child in a womb. It concerns not only addictions in food, addictions, but also night rest. Approximately from 5th month the stomach intensively increases in a size, and the breast is poured, becomes painful. Therefore it is difficult to pregnant woman to find the convenient pose for a dream guaranteeing good night rest and recuperation.


1. After 4-5 months of pregnancy it is necessary to refuse a habitual dream on a stomach. On early terms while the uterus is below a pubic bone, it is possible to sleep in any situation. And later, in process of increase in a stomach, the dream in this pose will become impossible as the increased stomach will not allow to lay down conveniently on it. Besides, pressure upon a fruit in this situation is very dangerous. It is the best of all to replace a pose for night rest as soon as possible as the increased mammary glands are capable to become painful at touch or squeezing.

2. In the second trimester it is also contraindicated to sleep, lying on a back. In such pose of the pregnant woman can not gasp. In this situation the uterus presses on internals (kidneys, a liver, intestines, a bladder) and blood vessels, complicating blood circulation. At the pregnant woman the varicosity of veins can amplify and be formed stagnation of blood in a small basin. Besides, exacerbation of hemorrhoids and emergence of pain in a back is possible. The dream in such pose not strongly influences a fruit, but is capable to give a set of an inconvenience and problems to future mom.

3. During pregnancy the woman is recommended to sleep on one side. Situation on the left side will allow to avoid pressure upon a hollow vein which passes to the right of a uterus, and on right - pmogat to reduce load of kidneys. For bigger convenience it is possible to put the curtailed plaid between legs or a pillow under a knee. It is fine if you have a special pillow for pregnant women allowing you to accept a comfortable position of a body well supports a stomach during sleep and does not allow to turn over during night rest in an undesirable pose. It is not necessary to worry if in the beginning it is not too convenient: your body will soon adapt to such situation.

4. In addition, it is important to pregnant women to know how to get up. At first it is necessary to turn sideways and only then to accept a sitting position. It will allow to avoid an undesirable tone of a uterus.

5. To get rid of insomnia during pregnancy you will be helped by the following advice: you do not sleep often in the afternoon; do not use a large amount of liquid, especially after 5 o'clock in the evening; daily carry out moderate physical exercises; do not eat much before going to bed not to load a stomach; make walks in the fresh air more often; before going to bed take a warm shower.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team