How to turn the child

How to turn the child

Usually by 34-35 weeks of pregnancy the fruit is developed in head presentation. It is most favorable as childbirth in this case proceeds quite predictably. Sometimes the fruit holds the wrong position: cross or pelvic. It can complicate the course of childbirth therefore it is recommended to do special exercises for turn of the child.


1. In spite of the fact that final situation accepts a fruit only by 34 weeks, exercises on a turn can begin to be done already with weeks32 pregnancies. The combination of several techniques yields good results. But before trying to solve a problem independently, surely consult to the expert. Perhaps, he will prompt you still some decision.

2. Lay down on a bed and do time 10 minutes on 3-4 turns with a side sideways. This traditional and simple performed by exercise recommends most of specialists of clinics for women. The best effect can achieve when performing exercise three times a day, most often in a week the fruit is developed in the necessary situation.

3. This exercise is carried out on an empty stomach. Put on a floor near a low sofa of a pillow so that they formed an inclined surface. Lay down a back on pillows so that the basin appeared above the head on 20-30 cm. This way will be effective if to lie in such situation at least twice a day 10 minutes. In 90% of cases 2 weeks later the child turns a head down.

4. Strike for 15 minutes a knee and elbow pose that the basin at the same time appeared above the head. This exercise not only will help the child to adopt the correct provision, but also will unload your kidneys, having for a while taken off of them uterus pressure.

5. Many women note that nonconventional methods of a turn of the child are not less effective the gymnastics offered by doctors. Someone manages ""to persuade"" the child to adopt the correct provision, someone puts earphones with pleasant music to the lower part of a stomach. Some women claim that the fruit will turn towards light if to take the included small lamp over a bosom. One is known precisely, these methods will not damage, so they can be used as additional.

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