How to issue walls of kindergarten

How to issue walls of kindergarten

Kindergarten – special establishment. Finding of children in it demands reasonableness in registration of an interior. In each room, besides furniture and corners, it is necessary to issue also walls.


1. First of all it is necessary to decide on registration of the room in general. Walls have to correspond to purpose of the room. In kindergarten they bear semantic loading. For example, in the group room of a wall are usually visually divided into several zones: educational, game, recreation area, etc. Walls of each zone are made out so that in general the room looked harmoniously. Transition from one zone to another has to be smooth.

2. Special attention should be paid to color of walls. It will be better if all institution is registered in one color scale. It will positively affect an esthetics of rooms and also the general style of registration will be looked through. Besides, the used colors should not irritate unstable nervous system of preschool children. In bedrooms it is preferable to use pastel tone, promoting a quiet situation. In educational zones the moderate use of bright colors is admissible. Pay special attention to quality characteristics of paint, toxicity degree.

3. It is desirable that registration elements also were in one style and are made of one material. If you use crepe paper or a ceiling tile for elements of decoration of the walls, then you should not place them separately with the elements made of other materials.

4. Walls of corridors need also to be issued. For their registration the various stands reflecting life of kindergarten are used. Decoration of the walls bears primary information on establishment, sets mood. For guests in the hall place the information stand where reflect placement of premises of kindergarten. In addition, this stand will serve for fixing of knowledge of children of location of sports and musical halls, the food block, a laundry, a medical office.

5. For employees issue the special information stand at which will systematically take place relevant information concerning working process in kindergarten.

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