How to keep health of the teenager

How to keep health of the teenager

The teenage age of the child is an important period of puberty in life of children. At the girl it begins in 9-10 years, and at the boy in 11-12 years. Parents need to know that maintaining health of the teenager is a process hard, requiring attention.


1. You watch that the child observed a day regimen. He has to go to bed at the same time. You speak to the teenager more time to spend in the fresh air. Long walk improves a dream and maintains immunity. Do not allow a long prosizhivaniye in front of the TV and the computer. Give a lecture about harm of smoking, drugs and alcohol.

2. Do not forget about physical activities – swimming and physical education well keeps health of teenagers. The successful decision will be to write down your child to the pool. Perhaps, the teenager will want to do other sport, provide it it. Perhaps, he prefers to play tennis or to carry out high jumps. Thanks to physical education the state of health of children will only become stronger, and bodies and muscles quickly to develop. Encourage teenage children for their made efforts to sports classes.

3. Provide timely vaccination for prevention of viral diseases. It is better to do a flu inoculation in 2 months prior to the winter period. Regularly air in the children's room and moisten air, using a special humidifier.

4. Balance food useful substances and vitamins. Include fruit, vegetables, porridges, greens in a diet. It has to be various, including fish, meat and dairy products. Do not allow the child to use some sweet too much. From this the best option is a dark chocolate in a small amount which produces happiness hormone.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team