How to learn what floor there will be a child

How to learn what floor there will be a child

Each woman wants to learn quicker: and what floor there will be a child? A question, of course, interesting but also to receive the answer to it not so easily. All ways to define a sex of the kid only approximate and even the device ultrasonography not always shows the truth, and surprises happen after the birth. There is a mass of national ways which help to reveal a sex of the child too. It is possible to be guided by them as on an auxiliary method after ultrasonography.


1. Already on early term it is possible to notice that boys are slightly more active than girls and constantly move in mom's womb. But only the woman who already gave birth earlier and that can compare to something, to be guided on this sign very difficult, everything depends also on many other factors.

2. The woman expecting the girl begins to lose the beauty. Quickly gains weight, and together with it and there are extensions, eels and the other unpleasant phenomena. By the way, it is after the delivery very difficult to lose weight upside-down. During pregnancy by daughters there is a large hormonal failure. Stomach of usually rounded and indistinct shape. Also severe toxicosis torments.

3. If there is a boy, the woman does not gain weight much, perfectly looks and feels. Nausea completely passes after the first trimester and does not arise any more. The stomach has the sharp and accurate form, the waist remains.

4. Flavoring preferences differ too, during pregnancy when there is a boy, the woman with appetite uses meat. But sometimes there is heartburn when the son has to be born. And here with girls, on the contrary, from meat begins to feel sick and only its look causes disgust.

5. At young and healthy women sons are born more often, and at women daughters are more senior, on the contrary. But all this only approximate methods of identification of a sex of the child, even the modern equipment sometimes is mistaken. It is impossible to foresee in advance who will be born, but from it an event does not cease to bring joy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team