How to look at the turn in a garden

How to look at the turn in a garden

Until recently it was possible to rise on turn in a garden, having only arrived in RDNE (regional department of national education). Now Muscovites are able to do it, without leaving the house, online.

It is required to you

  • Passport of mom or dad.
  • birth certificate of the child.


1. First of all you need to register on the website The procedure this simple and when you fill out all necessary columns, on the e-mail address the letter with registration confirmation will be sent you.

2. Having followed the link from this letter, you will appear in the online magazine of future pupils. There you will be able to fill in the application form for placing in turn in kindergarten. It will be possible to choose three preschool institutions, having specified at the same time priority. Do not forget to specify privileges if they are available.

3. Then to you also the individual code of your statement assigned for it by the electronic commission will come to e-mail.

4. Entering this code on the homepage of the website, you will be able always to check whether your turn moved. And if the order of signing up of children in kindergartens suddenly changed in the greater or lower side, you will be able to address in due time in RONO for an explanation. It is impossible to make it via the website so far, unfortunately. With all questions you should go to department of regional education personally.

5. It is also necessary to arrive to RONO if in your region of similar the Internet - services do not exist. In order that your child wrote down in turn in a garden, it is necessary to bring a set of documents. It is the passport of mom or dad, the birth certificate and the certificate of accommodation of the kid, the certificate of the exempt. Surely take photocopies of all papers. It is better to specify the exact list before a trip to RONO. In some areas demand additional documents.

6. After logging of future pupils will issue you the receipt with number. To learn how your turn promoted, you will be able, having called RONO and having called the code assigned for you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team