How to make a mask for the child

How to make a mask for the child

The papier-mache attracts very many, in this equipment it is possible to make practically everything. Production of a light and cheerful mask of an animal (for example, a young fox or a doggie) for the child requires not much time. It is worth allocating for creativity free hour or one and a half within several days.

It is required to you

  • Wire, passatizh, nippers, plasticine; paste (starch + water); scissors; bandage, napkins or paper kerchiefs, cotton wool; sharp knife; PVA glue, rigid brush; metal ringlets; emery paper; paints, brushes; varnish; elastic band, threads, needle


1. At first it is necessary to make a wire frame. The contour of future mask is formed of a wire, in junctions knots are bent. Where ears are attached, it is possible to stick plasticine pieces.

2. By means of the welded and cooled paste it is necessary to make the first layer - to dunk bandage in paste and to pull between edges. Bandage is strong and gives to a mask the necessary form. Then it is worth attaching pieces of napkins which quickly absorb surplus of paste. After the basic layer dried out, it is necessary to make 2 - 3 more thin layers. After drawing each new layer the mask becomes damp, soft and flexible, but soon hardens. Layers dry several hours, however it is possible to accelerate process, drying a mask, for example, the hair dryer or the fan.

3. After drying by a knife and scissors it is necessary to cut out openings for eyes, in view of the fact that at a ready mask they will become a little less. Cuts at the edges of eyes can be impregnated with PVA glue and to stick with napkins.

4. By means of a flat rigid brush it is necessary to apply PVA on a mask surface, and from above to put and level a brush pieces of napkins - on all area, periodically drying. It is possible to adjust slightly a form, to level a surface, imposing on some sites more napkins and cotton wool, on others - it is less.

5. Then it is important to make ringlets for an elastic band or a string. It is possible to get metal ringlets with pins - as on a framework for photos - or to independently make something similar of a wire.

6. Having taken glue and cotton wool, it is necessary to create eyebrows and a nose. If the mask turned out rough, it is worth walking on a surface a small skin. Then it is necessary to paint ""muzzle"". It is better to put a basic layer with a rigid brush that paint got into all deepenings better. After coloring the mask becomes covered with varnish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team