How to make porridge for the kid

How to make porridge for the kid

Very often doctors recommend porridges as the first feeding up for the kid. They are vitamin-rich also mineral substances, being at the same time a valuable source of carbohydrates and vegetable protein. For food of children there are manufacturing porridges, but some mothers prefer to feed the kid with independently prepared dish.

It is required to you

  • - water;
  • - grain;
  • - the adapted dairy mix or milk.


1. If you cook rice or buckwheat, in the beginning carefully touch and wash out grain. Oat flakes usually do not wash out, but if you make it - it will not be worse. Crush grain in the coffee grinder, but before it make sure that there are no coffee remains.

2. A tablespoon of the grain processed in flour fill in 100 ml of cold water and you cook on slow fire, carefully mixing. Depending on a type of grain on preparation from 10 to 20 minutes will leave.

3. When grain boils soft, switch off gas and cover a pan. Porridge has to infuse at least several minutes.

4. Sugar and salt are not the most useful products for the child years are younger therefore they to porridge are not added. However not all kids are ready to eat the fresh dish prepared on water. Therefore for improvement of tastes of porridge it is possible to add to it 20 ml of breast milk or the same amount of the adapted children's dairy mix. Whole cow's milk is not used in food of children about one year as often causes allergies because of immaturity of children's digestive tract.

5. Add 3 grams of butter or a little cream to porridge. Carefully mix a ready dish and let's it cool down.

6. When the child gets used to new food, the density of porridge can be increased. The maximum quantity of grain on 100 ml of water - 10 grams.

7. When to the child year is executed, begin to cook milk porridges. At first porridge cooks on milk (1:2) diluted with water. If acquaintance to a new product happened without problems, the divorced milk can be replaced integral.

8. If desired it is possible to add fruit puree to a ready dish. It will improve taste of porridge, and even the choosiest kid will eat it with great pleasure.

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