How to make the model for children

How to make the model for children

The childhood — time of games in which the child studies everything that is required to it in life. Children very much love toys which very much resemble the presents "adult" objects. At the same time the child wants to be a master of the situation, to operate this subject as the most real wizard. For this reason models of buildings, the ships, planes, the railroads are simply necessary for kids. The model it is possible to make also with own hands, materials for this purpose can be found always houses or at the dacha. It is possible to make, for example, the model of your seasonal dacha.

It is required to you

  • Plywood
  • Polyfoam
  • All-purpose adhesive
  • Paints
  • Photos or drawings of a country house and constructions on the site
  • Sharp knife
  • Fret saw


1. Cut the piece in a form corresponding to your seasonal dacha from the sheet of plywood. By the sizes mozhn6o to make it a little bit it is more, than there will be a model. Plan places of the main constructions — a country house, the shed, nursery platforms. Note where there is a pond, beds with vegetables and a garden. Paint parts of the site at the colors corresponding to them — a gray-blue pond, black beds, a green lawn.

2. Make a country house of polyfoam. It is necessary to observe at least approximately scale, otherwise at you what is on the site actually simply will not be located. The lodge can be made both of cardboard, and of plywood, just it will be longer. Cut out the parallelepiped corresponding to a house form from polyfoam. It can be painted, and it is possible to paste over with color paper or a colored self-adhesive film, depending on what house you want. Paste or draw windows and doors. The porch can be made of polyfoam pieces, having pasted them at each other "short flight of stairs". If a roof at you a straight line, it is possible to make it of a piece of plywood. Cut out a roof with slopes from a piece of polyfoam, paint or paste over and paste to the house. After that paste all house on the territory intended for it.

3. The same way make the shed and other constructions. Paste them to the basis and make beds. They represent the small bars from polyfoam painted in black color. Try that there is so much beds how many is on the site. Paste beds to the basis, and between them you already painted paths.

4. "Put" a garden. Trees can be made of cardboard. Fold double the sheet of green cardboard and draw a tree silhouette together with a trunk. In the bottom of a trunk draw a semicircle so that the basis of a trunk was diameter of this semicircle. Cut out a tree. A trunk paint over brown paint or a sticker on it a brown strip of paper. Stick together tree halves, having left not stuck together semicircles. Let's a tree dry and unbend semicircles outside. Make thus several trees. They can just be put on the basis, and it is possible to paste where there will be a garden.

5. For the nursery or the sports ground make a football goal or a sandbox. For this purpose matchboxes which need to be pasted over or painted and attached on the appropriate place will approach, for example. The box more also can be suitable for a sandbox. Just paste it a bottom on the model basis.

6. Complete the work as construction of a fence. It can be made of pieces of polyfoam, wooden plates or cardboard strips, depending on what fence at you at the dacha. After the model is ready, beat it with the child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team