How to make to the child a compress

How to make to the child a compress

Treatment of the chilled throat or otitis is associated with a bed rest and a compress. What is a compress, knows the majority, and here is how it needs to be done correctly what types of compresses happen, it is known not to all. And the most important is know what are at them contraindications!

It is required to you

  • Hot water or oil, or alcohol. The gauze put in several layers, wax or baking paper, cotton wool, the fixing bandage.


1. Compresses are appointed at a sore throat or otitis in addition to the main treatment. There is a compress water, spirit and oil. Appointment at all identical: to warm up the inflamed site. Take the gauze put in several layers. Its size has to be a little more place on which the compress will be imposed. If there is no gauze, cotton fabric will approach. It is important that fabric had no synthetic impurity. At preparation of a compress on an ear make a cut for an auricle. Put wax paper on a gauze. Also paper will be suitable for pastries. The layer following after paper - cotton wool for strengthening of heat. The compress is fixed by a scarf, a flannel diaper or a scarf. The fixing bandage also has to be only from natural materials.

2. Water compress the simplest. It works due to high temperature of water. In order that action of a compress was more effective, water can be replaced with broth of herbs. Period of action of a water compress the shortest. It heats, the fabric moistened in water or broth did not cool down yet. For preparation of a water compress wet a gauze in water and well wring out.

3. Longer effect at a spirit compress. Its action two-three hours. During this time alcohol evaporates, warming a sore point. Dilute alcohol with water: on one part of alcohol there have to be not less than four parts of water. Otherwise there is a risk to burn gentle skin of the child. Alcohol generates heat when mixing with water. Therefore, the napkin needs to be moistened in solution at once after its preparation and to impose immediately.

4. Most longer holds warmly an oil compress. For it use camphor oil. Or it is replaced vegetable to which it is possible to add oil aromatic. Oil is warmed up on a water bath up to the temperature of 38-39 degrees. Minus such compress is that oil soils hair. And camphor possesses a specific smell which is not pleasant to children.

5. The compress is imposed to the child by two times a day. Once in the morning, the second – for the night. The child can sleep with a compress all night long if it does not disturb it. If after a compress skin reddened, grease it with children's cream.

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