How to make Valentine's Day cards with children

How to make Valentine's Day cards with children

Children feel holiday vanity in the house especially sharply. They cannot remain indifferent to preparation and seek to participate in it actively. So natural desire can be used with benefit for all. For example, by preparation for St. Valentine's Day or for a wedding of elder sister together with the child make cards or kulonchik - Valentine's Day cards.

It is required to you

  • - dense color paper;
  • - scissors;
  • - glue;
  • - various trifles for ornament are beads, beads, spangles, pieces of tapes and fabric;
  • - salty dough;
  • - aqueous emulsion ink;
  • - red gouache or acrylic paint;
  • - pricker;
  • - tape.


1. Make the most popular Valentine's Day card - a card. It can be as in the form of a heart, and rectangular. Begin with the simplest. If you have a sheet A4, halve it, and then once again in half. The child can charge to cut paper on the lines planned by you.

2. Charge to the child to fold cards double. Explain that it is necessary to do it very accurately, combining sides. Otherwise the Valentine's Day card will turn out curve.

3. Together with the kid plan the drawing. Discuss, than you will decorate a card. An obligatory element is the heart. It can be cut out from red paper and to paste. If you do several such cards, draw a heart on thick cardboard and cut out. Charge to the child to circle him several times and to find applique elements. Very much approach suitable on color paper with a glue layer and a self-adhesive film. Show to your assistant as to use them and explain that at first it is necessary to cut out preparation, then to accurately separate a paper layer, to impose a heart on a card so that wrinkles and folds did not turn out.

4. Use the remains of tapes, tapes, tinsel for ornament. For example, it is possible to lay out a heart from the silk cord suitable on color and to paste on a contour. Also multi-colored spangles will approach.

5. The Valentine's Day card can be made also in the form of a pendant. Make salty dough. Mix salt and flour in equal quantities, add water and stir before receiving homogeneous mass. Put dough in the fridge (but not in the freezer) for about two hours.

6. You stick together a heart from the salty test. Show to the child how to do thin hand-made articles. It is possible to roll, for example, thin flat cake, and then to cut out from it a subject of the necessary form. Use any molding method familiar to you.

7. Make in opening pendant 1 or 2. The only opening has to be located slightly below than a cavity. If their two, then puncture ledges. Leave a product on air for day that it dried out. It is possible to bake it in an oven, at a temperature about 50 °C.

8. The Valentine's Day card can be painted with gouache or acrylic paints. It is previously best of all to ground it water emulsion, but it is possible it and not to do, paint also will keep so well. Decorate a Valentine's Day card on the taste and pass a tape throughout openings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team