How to organize a celebration to the child on a birthday

How to organize a celebration to the child on a birthday

Birthday is the most favourite and desired holiday for the child. Children look forward to this day, and parents make great efforts for holding a celebration. So there is a wish to please the kid. Try to arrange the real surprise to the child.


1. Make a start from age of the child when organize a festival. A birthday five-year-old the child much more differs from a name-day summer15- teenager. However that and another with impatience expect such action.

2. Suggest the kid to make the estimated list of guests. Distribute all invitations. Do it in advance, in 2-3 weeks prior to a festive celebration that people had time, to buy the child a gift and to make changes to the plans.

3. Buy multi-colored ware and a bright cloth. Prepare special dishes which can be eaten also with hands. It can be various cakes, sausage rolls, different sweets, a canape from fruit and vegetables. Such treats will be pleasant to little guests more, than various salads and cutlets. Do not forget about cake with candles and ice cream. Except a tasty table, children love also entertainments.

4. Organize children's leisure during the holiday. It is a difficult task for parents. If you consider that you will not cope, then invite assistants, for example, to clowns. It is possible to organize a party in children's cafe or near the pool.

5. Decorate the room where you will hold an event for children in honor of the birthday boy. For this purpose get multi-colored balloons, draw bright posters. Templates of wall newspapers for children can be found on the Internet. Just download, unpack and paste on a Whatman paper. If there is time for creativity, then create the newspaper independently, using gouache, pencils, a photo of your child. Invent original rhymes and signatures. Add bright spangles.

6. Think up competitions and competitions for participants. They have to be interesting, clear and easily feasible. Prepare small prizes in the form of suvenirchik. Track that all participated in a game, and nobody remained unattended.

7. Pay attention that the most important in a children's holiday are gifts. You have to take an interest in desires of the kid in advance. If finance allows, then buy several gifts and present at different times day. For example, one surprise since morning when the child woke up, and another during a feast. And then the organized action will become for it the real gift.

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