How to plan the girl

How to plan the girl

Many couples planning pregnancy want the child of the defined sex and in every possible way try to outwit the nature in the intentions. Some dream of future defender, others of the princess. Of course, the most important is health of the child, but if parents already have one or several sons, it is difficult to overcome in itself desire to give birth them to the little sister. It is clear, that any way will not give an absolute guarantee of the birth of the daughter, but it is possible to try.


1. Try to reduce the frequency of sexual proximity. It is known that the sex of the child depends on spermatozoa, to be exact on their look. If the female ovum is impregnated by the X-chromosome spermatozoon carrier, so at couple the girl will be born. If the Y-chromosomes carrier - the boy. The last are more mobile, but the first are more hardy. At frequent sexual contacts the concentration of Y-chromosomes near the ripening female ovum becomes higher, so, probability is high that you will give birth to the son. For conception of the girl it is enough to have sex of times a week, by the time of an ovulation the spermatozoa bearing genetic material for future daughter will survive mainly.

2. Trace an ovulation. To do not pass the moment of maturing of an ovum, it is recommended to do ultrasonography at least every two days. The additional assistant in definition of the necessary day are special pharmaceutical tests. For conception of the girl it is necessary to have sex several days prior to an estimated ovulation. In this case fast ""men's"" spermatozoa the first will reach the purpose, but will die, without having waited for maturing of an ovum. But spermatozoa with X-chromosome, live and safe, will reach the destination just at the right time.

3. Keep to a special diet. For conception of the girl the woman a month before alleged pregnancy should limit herself in meat and to lean on vegetables and dairy products. But it is necessary to remember that the organism of the woman needs good nutrition therefore after conception it is necessary to refuse a diet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team