How to prepare children for a casting

How to prepare children for a casting

Children are involved practically in any field of show business now, whether it be advertizing, cinema or television shooting. Therefore more and more parents bring children into the actor's agencies which mediate between young talents and film studios. Though children perceive a casting as a game, preparation for them put absolutely serious.


1. Notify on a casting, as a rule, literally on the eve of its carrying out – in a day, at most two. If there is a casting on a big role in the movie, the agencies can send the scenario of a fragment which should be learned and rehearsed. But there is it only in exceptional cases. Usually in advance the scenario is sent to those children who already successfully acted in projects and their candidacy is considered first of all.

2. When you are invited to a casting, have to tell you who exactly invites the child and to a casting of what – the movie or advertizing. The administrator has to tell you the working title of the movie and a role to which invite the child. In a case with advertizing you will be told the name of a product or service which will be advertized by the child.

3. Having obtained information on a casting subject, prepare for it the child. If the role, let us assume, of the hero historical is called, tell the child about that era that distinguished children of that time from modern. If sent you the scenario, the child has to learn the words by heart. If he is not able to read, learn a role together. You can play for the second hero, but play, but not give a cue. Children copy our behavior and if mom monotonously reads dialogue, it is not necessary to wait that the little actor will show a brilliant game.

4. Think over image of the actor. For feature films often invite children of a certain type, but you have to be ready that you selected the child according to old photos. And during listening can just refuse to you because the young actor already managed to grow up.

5. Dress the child in not striking clothes which can serve as the distracting element for the director of a casting. Girls should not be dressed up in magnificent dresses (if that is not demanded by a role). It is enough to put on a laconic suit with a skirt and a blouse. It is desirable to put on a blouse any color, except white. Boys can stop on dark trousers or jeans, a shirt and a knitted vest. In hot weather shorts Bermuda shorts with a shirt or a t-shirt polo will approach.

6. Pay greatest attention to tidy and well-groomed look. Hair of the child have to be clean, at girls the plain hairstyle is welcomed. Nails at children have to be shortly cut – hands should be shown specially on the camera.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team