How to prevent an abortion on early term

How to prevent an abortion on early term

The majority of abortions occurs in the first trimester of pregnancy when the fruit is most vulnerable and subject to influence of negative factors. There are reasons which do not depend on behavior of mother and her way of life (for example, genetic failures). But the majority of the negative factors influencing incubation of a fruit the woman can prevent itself and having resorted to the help of the doctor.


1. As soon as you learn about pregnancy, do not postpone a visit to the doctor. Hormonal problems which should be adjusted from the very beginning can become the abortion reason on early term. Most often the lack of hormone of progesterone becomes responsible for termination of pregnancy in the first trimester. The doctor will also examine you, will ask on the state of health, earlier postponed diseases, if necessary will appoint inspection and will instruct.

2. Fully and properly eat. On early terms of pregnancy there is a bookmark and formation of all bodies of a fruit. Violation in food, the strict diet, the use of harmful products can adversely affect pregnancy incubation. If you are tormented by toxicosis – it is not necessary to refuse food. Eat food in the small portions, avoid the sharp, fried, smoked dishes.

3. Do not take a hot bath, it can provoke an abortion. During pregnancy give preference to a shower. If you are engaged in fitness, choose together with the trainer special exercises for pregnant women or limit visit of the gym in the first trimester of pregnancy.

4. Do not raise weights and try to have a rest more. Protect yourself from stressful situations at work and influence of harmful factors on production. Take care of preventive measures against viruses, especially in the period of epidemics and in autumn and winter time.

5. Refuse addictions and do not take alcoholic beverages. It is the best of all to make it even before pregnancy, in order to avoid failures at conception and cell fission.

6. Surely discuss with the doctor of restriction in sex life. If there is a threat of a miscarriage of pregnancy, then refuse better sexual contacts which can provoke an abortion.

7. When developing severe pains in a waist and in the bottom of a stomach and also at emergence of bloody or brown allocations from a vagina immediately call an ambulance. Waiting for the doctor observe a bed rest and try not to be nervous.

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