How to protect children from the computer

How to protect children from the computer

Modern children spend in front of the computer much time. Scoliosis, deterioration in sight - not the only negative consequences. To protect the child, to keep his health and mentality, follow simple advice.


1. Pick up to the child optimum computer furniture. You watch that the kid did not sit close to the screen of the computer and did not stoop. Take care of good lighting of the computer place. Install the license software to avoid further problems.

2. Do not allow the child to see off at the computer till some hours without interruption. Remind of need to be interrupted each 15-40 minutes, depending on age child. Establish the maximum quantity of time which can be carried out at the computer and strictly follow the arrangement.

3. Teach the kid to various working methods: show how to increase a font if he reads from the book screen, buy good earphones for listening of sound files, show how to work with photos.

4. Tell about elementary safety rules during the work on the Internet: ask not to leave about yourself personal information, including phone numbers, a home address, not to tell about parents or plans summer. Not to enter into a correspondence to unknown persons, not to open suspicious files, to show care at communication on social networks.

5. Use special programs, limiting access to the computer, certain folders and programs, the websites "for adults". Glance over the magazine of work on the Internet to be aware, than the child in what websites he is interested is engaged.

6. Let the child know that the computer not only means of entertainment, but also the good assistant in study. He will help to master new programs, to improve knowledge of a foreign language. Share the favourite resources with the child: where it is possible to watch the movie, to download the book, to read interesting information.

7. Explain that on the Internet there is also paid information therefore it is necessary to be attentive if it is required to send the message to any number or to download the unknown program. Give examples of such websites that children had an idea and did not get to a trap.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team