How to put to children of a candle

How to put to children of a candle

If the child got sick, as treatment the pediatrician can recommend rectal suppositories – in other words, the "candles" entered into a rectum. Such form of medicines of subjects is more relevant, than the child is younger. Use of candles is expedient in cases when it is necessary to reach long therapeutic effect. Will help out suppositories and in a situation when the baby refuses drug intake orally or intramuscularly.

It is required to you

  • the suppositories registered by the doctor, vaseline or children's cream


1. If the child grew up already enough, surely explain to him what you are going to do that it is necessary for his recovery and it is much better than pricks. Try that the child trusted you, otherwise the procedure will turn out quite painful and unpleasant for both of you.

2. Is younger than the child try to distract. For this purpose it is possible to call to the aid someone from relatives as you will be busy directly with introduction of a candle.

3. Warm a candle before its introduction at the room temperature. It is possible to take a little medicine in hands or directly in packing to lower in warm water.

4. Carefully wash up hands and exempt a candle from packing.

5. Lay the child on the left side. It is possible to grease an anus of the kid with children's cream or vaseline.

6. Bend the child's legs in knees and coxofemoral joints, record them in this situation. At babies the introduction of a suppository can also be made in situation on a back with the legs brought to a tummy (as when changing a diaper).

7. Accurately part with the left hand buttocks, and right it is soft, but surely you enter a candle into an anus the pointed end forward, holding it with a finger.

8. Hold the child's buttocks closed within 1-2 minutes, otherwise the candle can be reflex is squeezed out back. It is better if any time (at least half an hour) the child quietly lies down.

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