How to receive the certificate of pregnancy

How to receive the certificate of pregnancy

At work there can be circumstances which will force you to report to colleagues and the administration about yours "interesting situation" still before your pregnancy becomes obvious for others. So, night watch or a business trip to other area put you before need to receive the certificate of pregnancy at your gynecologist.


1. Register previously in reception to the gynecologist by phone or order the coupon, having reported at the same time to the administrator or the registrar that you are pregnant (sometimes, pregnant women are accepted by certain experts or not in the general turn).

2. Keep in mind that the doctor needs to receive confirmation of your pregnancy. The analysis of urine on HGCh, ultrasonography or other inspections after which the gynecologist will be able already to give you the reference corresponding to your position of future mummy can be it.

3. Do not leave obtaining such reference for the last moment when you have to be nervous, worry concerning terms of readiness of analyses or sequence of record on inspection of ultrasonography and to volume of the similar unpleasant moments on which dates of receipt you references depend.

4. Remember precisely day of the beginning of the last periods. If signs of pregnancy are so obvious to the doctor that he is ready to give you the reference before obtaining results of analyses, then it needs to establish not the approximate, but exact term of pregnancy. For this purpose orientation on the date of the beginning of the pregnancy of periods, last before approach, is also necessary.

5. You come to appointment not only with money (to private clinic), but also with the passport. And in regional clinic for women take also the policy of compulsory health insurance.

6. Pay attention that at statement you on account on pregnancy to 12 weeks term, under the law to you monetary payment for such early address to the doctor will be still put. It is a measure – stimulation of earlier appeal of women to medical institutions for prevention of undesirable threats of termination of pregnancy and possible complications.

7. Check existence on the reference of necessary signatures issued to you (them usually there have to be two: attending physician and manager of consultation or chief physician), stamp and press of establishment and also date of issue of the reference. In the reference the term of your pregnancy has to be by all means specified.

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