How to remove a sulfuric stopper to the child

How to remove a sulfuric stopper to the child

The sulfuric stopper can be formed at the child because of hit in an auricle of dust, blockage of ear pass, swelling and its adhesion after interaction with water. Whether the child can remove a sulfuric stopper independently?


1. The sulfuric stopper can exist a long time asymptomatically and not disturb the child. And sometimes, at water ingress it inflates, and you begin to notice how your kid shows concern, tries to get fingers an ear, his hearing often worsens. At the first such symptoms address the children's LOR-specialist.

2. The sulfuric stopper at the child cannot try to be got sharp objects at all. Do not apply to this purpose of a needle and a pin, do not use matches and sharp tweezers. You can wound the child or push sulfur further away inside. The stopper will begin to press on an eardrum, to bring pain to the child and then it is already necessary to call the ambulance.

3. If the sulfuric stopper is well looked through, take a warm hot-water bottle, wind with a soft towel and lay the child this ear on heat for about 20 minutes. If sulfur fresh, it gradually softens and will flow out from an ear. Remove its remains with the cotton tampon moistened in spirit solution of boric acid. If the edge of the dried-up sulfuric stopper looks out of an ear, then such warming up will not help, it is better to address to policlinic at once.

4. If the child is more than two years old, then for removal of sulfuric traffic jams use drops A-Tserumen which are on sale in pharmacy. Surfactants which do not increase a superficial tension are their part. Getting in a sulfuric stopper, drops dissolve it, preventing swelling. They are safe and do not cause irritation of mucous. Accurately dig several drops in an ear, previously having warmed them in palms to body temperature. Take a couple of minutes. Then wash away the remains from a sulfuric stopper solution of boric acid. For full removal of a stopper you carry out the procedure twice a day throughout the 3rd or 5th days. This medicine is much more effective than oil drops which are often applied by parents in similar cases.

5. When using drops, do not insert too deeply a bottle nose into acoustical pass. Use A-Tserumen only if the child has no allergy, hypersensibility, perforation of a membrane or otitis. At these diseases see a doctor.

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