How to restore sight to the child

How to restore sight to the child

Most of children acquire not only knowledge, but also visual impairments at school. Of course, it is possible to accuse computers and mobile devices of such situation, but it does not solve a problem. Many do not want to wear glasses, especially teenagers, lenses cause discomfort, and for ophthalmologic laser operation there can be contraindications and it costs expensive. Therefore many parents are puzzled with a problem of recovery of sight to the child.


1. Constantly check visual acuity to notice the slightest deteriorations. It can be done on some websites and in a pre-medical office. If the child had problems with sight, visit the oculist of times in 6 months. At the first signs of deterioration try to limit visual work of the child, that is encourage walks, games, meetings with friends instead of hours-long sitting at the computer and lessons. Often even such simple measures taken in time allow to restore sight. It is also good to send the child to section on table tennis, it helps to train eye muscles.

2. Pay attention to the child's food. It is better if vitamins arrive in an organism with food, but not in the form of medicines. Though it is sometimes better to drink vitamin in tablets, than to have their deficiency. Vitamin A contains in carrots, but without fats is not acquired therefore this vegetable needs to be eaten only with oil. Vitamin C contains in large numbers in currant, a dogrose, citruses. If the kid the sweet tooth, then the need for ascorbic acid at him is higher, than at the one who is indifferent to sweet.

3. Still enough potassium is necessary, it can be received from honey, apple cider vinegar and dried fruits. Accustom the child to drink hot water with the added teaspoon of vinegar and honey in the mornings, and in the evening after school give it a glass of compote from dried apricots. It is also good to enter into a diet salads with addition of apple cider vinegar. The correct habits of food will improve sight not only the child, but also all family.

4. Use a method of improvement of sight on the academician Utekhin. It is special gymnastics for decrease in degree of short-sightedness. For example, in one of exercises it is necessary to try to read the book one eye at the greatest possible distance within 15 minutes, and then each 2-3 minutes it is necessary to bring closer the book to the working eye on a half of distance. If at the child small degree of short-sightedness, then this exercise it is necessary to carry out without points and if big – points have to be 2-3 dioptries weaker usual for the child. It is possible to take its old points which he used when the sight was better. This system well proved and helped to improve sight to many people.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team