How to return breastfeeding

How to return breastfeeding

Food – one of the most important points of development of the child. At baby age the kid grows quicker, than in any other period of the life, and therefore needs a high-quality product – breast milk. Unfortunately, some mothers cannot feed the baby with the milk because of a low lactation, and at times because of its complete cessation. But if very much to want, breastfeeding can be returned, thereby having provided the child with good nutrition.


1. Process of a relaktation (restoration of milk) lasts not one day so it is necessary to have patience. If you really want to nurse the kid again, first of all, it is necessary to know and remember that you are able to do it.

2. Constantly put the kid to a breast. In order that the level of hormone of prolactin which, is responsible for development of milk increased, it is necessary that the child as often as possible sucked a breast more productively. You watch that the kid correctly took a nipple, otherwise your efforts will not bring results.

3. If milk appeared, but in insufficient quantity, try to decant it, at least it is a little. The more demand, the is more offer. It means that your organism will know about a lack of milk and will begin to develop it more.

4. That milk was more and breastfeeding returned to normal quicker, mom should not forget to eat fully too. It is necessary to watch the diet carefully. Food has to be balanced, high-calorific, comprise only useful elements.

5. Drink more liquid. Take for the rule in 10-15 minutes prior to feeding to drink a glass of warm tea with milk. It is possible to drink even during the feeding session, it will not do much harm to either the kid, or you.

6. It is known that when the woman is anxious or worries, the lactation can sharply decrease. As a result the negative factors influencing mom badly affect also the child. Therefore those mothers who want to nurse the kids without hindrances are simply obliged to get enough sleep, not to overtire and not to worry.

7. You wear comfortable underwear. From what bra you choose, a lot of things depend. For example, the close brassiere can squeeze a breast, thereby clamping channels in which milk is formed. Linen has to correspond to your size and it is good to keep shape.

8. Some medicines which are released strictly on doctor's orders will help to increase formation of milk. Among such medicines: apilak (the dried-up uterine milk of bees), mlekoin, nicotinic and glutamic acids.

9. For resumption of breastfeeding the use by mom of dry dairy mixes will be suitable for the feeding women. They contain rather large amount of digestible proteins, a complex of elements, minerals, carotene and taurine.

10. And, at last, such plants as fennel, maryin a root, a clover, a nettle, an anise, fennel, a marjoram, caraway seeds, walnuts, carrots can increase development of breast milk.

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