How to say that teenagers listened

How to say that teenagers listened

Teenage age - one of the most difficult. It is heavy to child to accustom with the changes happening to his organism. Hormonal explosion is caused frequent changes of mood, by the teenager constantly on a platoon. And parents have to consider this peculiar psychoemotional state in a conversation.


1. If the adult managed to reach the teenager - means, he remembered himself in the childhood. As it was difficult to tell parents about the feelings and experiences as it is heavy to prove that you already have the right to vote. To consider opinion of the teenager and to listen to it - here the first parents have to learn that. If they are able to overcome the authoritarianism, then they will manage to find a campaign to the child.

2. Parents have to understand that the teenager cannot be ordered. All requests stated in mandative tone will cause aggression. That the child carried out required, ask it about it quietly. Explain why it is important for you that he made any given. He not small and tries to understand long ago the sequence of actions. If you explain to him, for example, that, without having washed dishes now, it will remain without clean plate at supper - the teenager will execute the duties. If he forgot - do not do them for him. Nothing terrible if the family has supper for five minutes later after the teenager after all washes dishes. So he will learn to be responsible and will understand that more nobody will carry out the duties assigned to it.

3. That the teenager listened to your words, become him another. And it means - be interested in his life, but stop to control it completely. Give it freedom. Let makes decisions independently. You interfere only when the teenager of it asks. And never abuse him for misses. Otherwise he will not tell you about them, but will not cease to make them.

4. Remember that because of hormonal reorganization the teenager practically always on a platoon. Take its state into account. Do not stick with instructions if you see that he is upset with something. Give to the teenager time to calm down. Half an hour for you will not play any role, but will show to the child that you treat his feelings with respect.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team