How to send the child to the summer camp

How to send the child to the summer camp

The summer vacation is closer, the headache at parents is more severe. Not all have a lodge in the village and the unemployed, but vigorous grandmother who with pleasure to take care of your child. The summer camp – the way out in that case.

It is required to you

  • - copy of the birth certificate of the child or passport;
  • - the document where the place of registration of the child is specified;
  • - copy of the passport of one of parents.


1. Go to department of family and the childhood of your city. Experts will provide you information on places in children's camps of edge in which you live, about the prices and conditions of acquisition of the permit. It is possible to address for the permit in the trade-union organization of the enterprise where you work. Parents can also buy the vacation package independently, having addressed to administration of the camp directly. Practically all nurseries of the camp have the official sites where it is possible to study rules and the prices.

2. Choose the camp within the edge or area if you send the child to a country improving institution for the first time. Children differently join collective and get used to other situation. In case the child does not adapt to independent life in new conditions, be ready to take away him home. It is simpler to make it if the camp is in several hours' journey from the house.

3. Take the medical certificate from school where information on the done vaccination and the postponed diseases is specified. Think of it in advance. In the summer medics and administration of school, as a rule, go on leave. And here analyses a calla and urine and also the certificate of absence infectious diseases in the house where the child lives, it is necessary to take before departure to the camp. Such reference is valid within three days.

4. Prepare things for the camp. You should not send the child with a huge suitcase, will be to take several sets of underwear, sports and bathing suits, two towels, hygienic accessories, socks, two-three pairs of shoes and a headdress enough. Means from mosquitoes and insects and protective cream from the sun will be not superfluous. And here the child should not give drugs. In any camp there has to be a health center and the qualified health workers.

5. Prepare the child for independent life without parents. If he does not own elementary skills of self-service, it is necessary to it difficult at the beginning. Children in camps usually make a bed, look after the appearance and watch purity of clothes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team