How to sew a set for a crib

How to sew a set for a crib

That the dream of your kid was quiet and sweet, take care of a set in a crib. Of course, it is possible to get it and in shop, but such sets are quite expensive. Besides, there is nothing better than the things done with loving care as they bear in themselves unusual power of the loving person.


1. For bed linen in a crib choose monophonic cotton fabric of pastel tones. After washing, fabric can shrink therefore previously wash it and press.

2. Close sidewalls of a bed "pillows". By the standards of a bed on inner side of fabric you will find rectangles. Cut out details. Stitch three parties of details, having left opened one. Cut out foam rubber (its size has to be slightly less than the size of a detail from fabric approximately on 0.5 cm from each party). Enclose a foam rubber detail in a cover. Sew up an opening. Sew two ribbons 5 centimeters wide to "pillow", having receded from edge of 6 centimeters.

3. For a pillowcase on a standard children's pillow of 45х45 cm you will find a rectangle 47 cm wide and 100 cm long. Stitch short cuts of a rectangle. Put its envelope two times of 45, 45 and 10 centimeters and sew on each side, process cuts overloky or a zigzag line. Decorate a pillowcase with a flounce from sewing or lace.

4. For a bed-sheet measure length and width of a matrasik and add 10-20 cm to the turned-out measures. Stitch all cuts. That the sheet did not lose a mattress, sew an elastic tape on edge, but in this case it is necessary to add 5-10 cm to mattress measures, otherwise the sheet will not stretch.

5. You will find a blanket cover by the blanket sizes, having added 5 cm to the turned-out measures. Put a detail in half the face to each other. Stitch all cuts, having left an opening to insert a blanket. Turn out a blanket cover and press all seams.

6. Very lovely the bed with a canopy looks. Besides, it is very practical as they can cover a bed and to protect the kid from bright light when he sleeps. Choose translucent fabric. Put length of all parties of a bed - so you receive canopy width. Put one third of length, from above make two lines between which insert a ring for a canopy. In a junction on a ring sew two ribbons and tie them in a bow. Decorate a canopy with lace or sewing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team