How to teach children to respect parents

How to teach children to respect parents

Education of the teenager raises for parents many not resolved questions. As quickly yesterday's kid became the obstinate teenager who does not listen to adults and does everything in defiance. But in such behavior offenses and check of the world at durability are hidden. And parents should try to keep authority and respect in the opinion of the child.


1. Follow the rule of "golden mean" in education. It is impossible to bring up the child very authoritatively, with inevitability of punishment, with application of physical methods. It is rather not education, and a despotism. And at the same time it is impossible to be too soft, not to pay attention to offenses of the child, to expose it right in all situations or to wave away from his problems. The child has to see your proper response to the acts. Only this way he will be able to learn behavior in society, to distinguish good from bad. And parents for it will be fair judges, but not tyrants or indifferent inspectors.

2. The child has to learn a world picture from the parents. Children - our mirror. At a certain stage of growing they copy our behavior, including parents an example for imitation. And if they see your disrespect for people around, indifference in relation to the relatives, then do not wait from own children of sincere keenness. Moreover, teenagers can make a protest against your behavior the tricks. It seems to adults that children try their patience, and actually they try to reach us.

3. You have to be aware of the child's life, divide his hobbies and support all good initiatives. Do not deride that it seems to him important and expensive. Often children and parents have even no general subjects for a conversation. And all because nothing connects them really strongly. If in family everyone lives life, there is no feeling of unity. And for many children it and feeling of safety as which they understand love. Find the general common ground. Perhaps in the summer all family goes hiking, or is engaged in trailering, is keen on collecting or goes on weekends to help to walk dogs and a shelter. Find that general that will force the child to see in you the friend.

4. Make your relationship trusting. Try that with problems and experiences the child went to you, but not to the domestic company. And for this purpose it is necessary to create the atmosphere of tolerance and support. Your children have to know that they in family will always listen, will help and will accept you any. If you meet any failures and the child's problems by shout, then to you from it not to wait for trust and respect. The respect of the child for parents does not come just like that, especially to the difficult teenage period. This is not the defenseless baby who loves you selflessly for the fact that you are. Before you already the adult to whom the necessary good reasons to love and respect seniors not only for age and experience, but also for ordinary acts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team