How to achieve happiness

How to achieve happiness

Happiness does not depend on external circumstances. This internal state of the person which he can reach at a certain relation to life. Reconsider the outlook and you will feel much more happily.


1. Believe that you can become the happy person. Do not think that this state is achievable only when all dreams, it not so are executed. Happiness is a harmony with itself and the world around.

2. Be sure that you are worthy happiness. Sometimes internal complexes or sense of guilt prevent to derive pleasure from life. Sort out yourself. Remember that himself needs to be loved and accepted. Good attitude to - the first step fortunately.

3. Be opened for themselves and the world. You should not constrain the desires and to live as it expects from you society. Otherwise you can pass a lot of pleasures. Learn to listen to yourself and to be sometimes spontaneous. Be not afraid of new. Sometimes the way to happiness lies through an exit from a comfort zone.

4. Find to yourself work to liking. The happy person has to have an opportunity to self-fulfill. At the same time unloved work is capable to spoil life to any. So, or find pluses in the work, or change it.

5. Live here and now. If you carry out everything days behind a regret about the past or in dreams of the future, to be happy to you just once. Understand that "yesterday" and "tomorrow" exist only in your imagination, and you live in the present moment.

6. Get off an excess mind. The habit to introspection helps to find itself. But excessive heart-searching, thinking and conjecturing for people, scrolling in the head of various scenarios of succession of events, obsessions can great spoil to you life. Learn to distract.

7. You create good. Help those who need it. You remember need to sacrifice a part of the income in favor of needy, the homeless, orphans. Try to help the people who got into trouble. Learn to give and you will feel the happy person.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team