How to teach the child is a spoon independently

How to teach the child is a spoon independently

The ability to use a spoon and a fork also is independently - it is the simplest skills of self-service which the child has to seize by the end of the first – the beginning of the second year of life. Not always these skills come to the kid easily.


1. At the age of months6-7 child usually begins to eat independently, but meanwhile not with a spoon, and holding cookies, bread or crouton in hand. Some parents consider that already at this age it is possible to begin to accustom the kid to a spoon though, certainly, an age framework is very indistinct and individual. To secure the child and to interest him in process, buy a special children's spoon – usually they soft, bright and beautiful. Often such spoons go in set with plates. It is desirable that on a plate there was some bright drawing which would be pleasant to the kid. Choose children's ware from unbreakable materials, you watch that on it there was no chip left and scratches.

2. The child constantly looks at how you eat and you are active a spoon therefore he already for certain had some idea of that why the spoon is necessary and that it needs to do. Give a spoon to the child, let he will try to scoop it food and to send to a mouth. It is unlikely at it it will turn out from the first therefore help it, holding its cam with a hand. Surely praise it if at it everything turns out. The child can begin to be capricious – absolutely not necessarily he will be enraptured with a new way of meal. But do not begin to feed him at once – seeking to satisfy hunger, the child will try to eat all the same.

3. After that at each meal give to the child a spoon and suggest to cope with a task independently. If the baby already learned to be active a spoon, then try not to feed him any more. But surely help him if you see that he does not cope.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team