How to teach the child of politeness

How to teach the child of politeness

The small child constantly interacts with people: in kindergarten, school, circles on interests and sports sections. And the earlier it will acquire rules of polite behavior in society, the his communication with other people will proceed more successfully.


1. Explain to the child of a basis of polite behavior. It is necessary to apologize if caused inconvenience to other person, to tell "thanks" when something is given, to greet and say goodbye, appearing in the company and leaving it.

2. Be for the child an example of imitation. If at you in family it is accepted to thank for the bread stretched at a table and for the bought box of chocolates, to apologize if accidentally touched someone with an elbow and to speak "Good-bye!", leaving for work, the kid will quickly acquire bases of polite behavior, he so seeks to be as the adult.

3. Help the kid. If he forgot to tell "thanks" to your girlfriend who treated him with candy, do not shout at the child and do not threaten that nobody is more and will never give it sweets. Tell better: "And what it is necessary to tell the aunt?", and the child itself also will remember a proper word.

4. At first after you began to teach the child of politeness, watch what he watches on TV. If in the afternoon you try to impart to the kid of a basis of polite behavior, and in the evenings he with dad watches action movies where the main character plunders jewelry store and, certainly, does not tell "thanks" to the seller, the lesson will be badly learned. Read to the child of the book, designed to develop politeness. Or invent a story with favourite heroes of your son or the daughter where Disney's princesses and Sponge Bob will behave it is model politely.

5. Agree with relatives with whom the child communicates that they will help you. Start up everything comply with requests of the kid only after that told "please", leave to sleep only after a wish good night, wait until the child thanks for the service rendered to him, and, certainly, behave suitably. If your requirements to the kid are agreed, the little man will quickly acquire what from him is required and what benefit is brought by polite words.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team