How to teach the child to answer questions

How to teach the child to answer questions

At children of one age of ability strongly speak can differ. At one-year-old age some already speak simple short sentences, and others only begin to speak "mom", and even communicate sounds. Since 2 years, children already well understand the adult speech and slowly begin to master it independently. Together with skills of the narrative speech children learn to answer various questions of adults also. Parents can promote that their kid of quick starts to speak and answer their questions.

It is required to you

  • - Children's books
  • - favourite toys of the kid


1. Talk to the child more. Try to comment on everything, what are you doing – as well as that you prepare for the kid for breakfast as in what sequence you dress on it to come for walk that you see on the way on the playground. Thus, you develop in the baby attentiveness to details, information on various objects and living beings, and, respectively, develop his speech.

2. Set a personal example. Ask the kid specific questions and answer them. Do it accurately and briefly. First try to answer questions unambiguously – "yes" or "no". Later, when the child will already give short answers, you can give examples of more developed answers.

3. Read with the child together more. Information from children's literature – whether it be fairy tales or just verses – kids perceive much easier and more deeply. In other words, "absorb as sponges".

4. Play puppet theater. As dolls, favourite toys of the baby can act. It is necessary to take at least 2 toys. Think up dialogue on any subject. Improvise. Let one character ask simple questions to another. Gradually you can smoothly switch to the child so that his favourite toy began to ask questions specifically to him.

5. You praise the kid even for the smallest victories – embrace him, kiss, you praise verbally. It is always a big incentive for children. However, you should not award the child with sweets or any other material values.

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