How to teach the child to speak early

How to teach the child to speak early

Concept "early" at everyone the, it can designate both age of 1.5 years, and 3 years. It is considered that early the speaking child – that which in 2 years gives phrases from three and more words and also possesses the general lexicon more than 100 words and adequately reacts to verbal irritants. How to teach the kid to speak early?


1. To teach the kid to speak early, it is necessary to consider one rule – without having gained enough words in the passive dictionary, the child will not begin to reproduce them. Therefore it is necessary to show to the baby as much as possible and more often various objects and to pronounce their name. To call indefinitely – several times in the course of the day and within months. The first onomatopoeias appear. The adult rolls the machine and comments: Bee-bi. To say all sounds it is necessary accurately, exaggerated, with expression. If after dad of half-evening "bikat", the kid shy repeated a sound the only time – exult! It is already small, but a victory. Further all sounds made by animals and surrounding with objects – the more the better are connected. Today book publishing houses release special grants which are called "Who for kids as talks". Very interesting books babies will help also adults to remember all variety of sounds of fauna.

2. When the skill of simple reproduction of sounds is set to the adult, you pass to their combination – that is to creation of words. It is necessary to begin with simple words, with an open syllable (Mom, dad, a va-va), etc. Gradually the structure of a word becomes complicated, also its qualitative structure changes. The main thing that the pronounced words corresponded to basic needs of the kid. He has to learn to ask waters (drip-drip), to show that it is necessary to it on a pot (and-and, p-p), to call all people necessary for it (the woman, the Tat). And let words are still purely conditional, their repeated repetition and reaction of the adult to the meaning of these sound combinations will show to the kid importance of the speech in interaction with the world around.

3. Further work on expression of desire and designation of action: give, I want, it is possible, to drink, etc. Again at this stage the correctness of sound structure does not matter – important that both the adult, and the child understood what it is about. And the more the kid speaks, the at him also pronunciation, and grammatical skills is acquired quicker. It is necessary to remember: the first nouns are entered into the speech of the child, then – verbs, then – adjectives, numerals, etc. It is not necessary to demand at the first stages of mastering the speech of the correct forms of a word. And here expression of approval concerning development let and a small, but new boundary, is just necessary!

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