What flowers to present to the girl?

What flowers to present to the girl?

Flowers from time immemorial were the best gift to express the feelings to the girl. Of course, unlike some jewelry or soft toys, flowers are a gift short-lived, but nevertheless, nothing else will be able to be compared to them on beauty. Natural beauty of flowers is a match for beauty maiden. Besides, flowers are really that gift which will be able to express sincere feelings. By the way, for this reason it is worth approaching the choice of colors for a gift with all gravity, without buying the first bouquet sprained under a hand. All flowers have the special value. Also let presently do not pay to this value of flowers especially much attention, some feelings given by them can quite be caught intuitively. Therefore, choosing what flowers to present to the girl, it is worth thinking over really this gift to inform of those feelings most of which of all wanted to be expressed the woman.

What flowers it is better to give to the girl on an appointment?

Usually as a gift for darling, young people choose roses. Saturated red roses are a passion symbol, pink – love and romanticism, and white, for example, symbolize tenderness and purity. Yellow roses, by the way, are considered as a parting symbol so superstitious you should not give them precisely.

Of course, the rose is, so to say, a classical option therefore often and resort to it, without thinking of what else flowers can be given to the girl. And gentle and fine camomiles in the simplicity or lilies of the valley, bright and brisk tulips, fluffy asters or dahlias, proud and graceful lilies will become the fine choice … Options, actually, set. But for the first appointment the rose or a camomile will become the best choice. And further it is worth specifying after all what flowers are preferred by the girl.

By the way, if long walk is planned, then it is better to give to the girl one large flower, than a bouquet as unambiguously it will be so more convenient to it.

What flowers to present to the girl for birthday?

If for an appointment it is worth choosing sensual flowers which will be told to the girl of how the young man treats her, then any flowers will be suitable for a birthday. The only thing governed: you should not give a large, but lonely flower. This option approaches only for appointments. For birthday nevertheless it is worth presenting to the girl a beautiful bouquet.

As the donator nevertheless is usually well familiar with the birthday girl whom he goes to congratulate, a question what flowers to give to the girl for birthday, should not arise nevertheless. But, nevertheless, if suddenly it turns out so that the young man is not aware of preferences of the girl, then it is the best of all to rely in the choice of flowers on her character. Roses is a universal option.

Camomiles will suit romantic and pensive nature.

Tulips – for bright and active girls.

Lilies – for graceful and refined.

It is possible to cause a stir and present not a bouquet, but a flower in a pot. Unlike short-lived bouquets, this flower will please the owner long time. If to speak about what flower in a pot can be presented to the girl, then it can quite be violets, orchids or even a cactus to emphasize prickly temper.

Deciding on what flower to present to the girl, it is worth relying on knowledge of her, of her character, nature, preferences and also, of course, on own it is better to choose intuition which will surely prompt and what flowers and as it is original to present these flowers to the girl precisely to be remembered by it and by all means to impress.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team