Than to treat green dense snivels at the child

Than to treat green dense snivels at the child

Cold is the main satellite of a catarrhal disease which your child could catch. Green allocations from a nose it is necessary to begin to treat, it is impossible to neglect everything, otherwise this problem can develop into antritis. Dense slime gives to the kid a set of an inconvenience, he cannot normally breathe and eat.

Reasons of emergence of green snivels

Emergence of snivels of green color demonstrates presence of an infection of bacterial character in the child's organism. Neutrophils which have ability to struggle with an infection perish. And products of their disintegration and microorganisms cause a color of allocations from a nose. Most often snivels appear during the winter and autumn periods when immune protection is weakened. Changes of the environment and a condition of weather influence a children's organism.

At the beginning of development of a catarrhal disease from a nose liquid substance begins to flow. Then in airways causative agents of a disease breed, flora with bacteria joins, development of microorganisms as a result begins. Owing to what slime in the form of dense green snivels appears. There is puffiness of mucous membranes of a nasopharynx. In the absence of the correct treatment the infection progresses, can lead to inflammation of a middle ear, sinusitis and damage of a gaymorovy bosom.

Drug treatment

To facilitate breath of the child, it is recommended to use vasoconstrictive drops which should be dug in after the received recommendations of the doctor. Do not exceed the specified dosage at all. In case of frequent application of drops in a cavity of a nose vessels are narrowed that leads to drying of allocations and injury of a mucous membrane. Quite often doctors appoint antibiotics, but their use can cause weakening of an organism and development of dysbacteriosis. Therefore it is necessary to apply antibiotics with extra care. It is possible in house conditions to prepare the sparing drops in a nose on the basis of physiological solution. It is also recommended to dig in in the nasal courses of the child weak salt solution. Such means are considered as safe, they do not lead to accustoming, reduce the marked-out quantity of green snivels.

National ways of treatment

By means of medicamentous medicines you will remove inflammatory process, then it is possible to resort to treatment by folk remedies. To save the child from tortures in the form of green snivels, prepare grass solution. For this purpose mix on a tablespoon of a yarrow and a calendula, fill in with a glass of boiled water. Insist within thirty minutes. Further filter, use the cooled-down infusion for instillation in a nose. Effective folk remedy from allocations from a nose – the means prepared from fresh juices of potatoes, beet and carrots. Mix juice in equal proportions and dig on several drops in a nose. Already in the next few hours the inflammatory process will decrease. It is possible to dig in the natural bee honey which is previously divorced in physiological solution. Walk with the child in the fresh air more often, provide the kid with good nutrition to strengthen protective functions of the immune system. Products have to comprise enough the amino acids, enzymes, minerals and vitamins promoting strengthening of an organism.

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