How to teach the child to swallow

How to teach the child to swallow

Swallowing is very difficult motive process thanks to which food moves from a mouth to a stomach through a gullet. In an early infancy the mechanism of swallowing is infantile. That is the child swallows by means of language which rests against lips. And when it cuts milk teeth, its swallowing becomes somatic. In this case language has to connect to a front third of a hard palate. But sometimes children have a swallowing violation, that is they get stuck at an infantile stage.


1. The reasons of inability to swallow: - long sucking of a pacifier; - late inclusion in a diet of the child of firm food; - late eruption of temporary teeth; - short bridle of language; - oral breath.

2. Use short nipples which do not occupy all mouth of the kid for feeding of the child and do not touch a throat and a soft palate. At the same time the opening in a nipple has to be small. As at receipt in a mouth of the child of a large portion of food, he is not able to swallow it at once and regulates its receipt by language. This wrong provision of language forms the complicated swallowing.

3. If the child has adenoidny growths or chronic tonsillitis, then it can serve as the reason of shift of language of the baby forward. Carry out doctor's instructions to save the child from the available diseases.

4. If the child is not able to swallow, it can be a consequence of the fact that parents at emergence in it of the first teeth did not enter a firm feeding up into a diet. Therefore, to learn this skill, muscles of language of the child need a regular training. Let's the kid chew firm food as often as possible: drying, steering-wheels, crackers, meat, apples and carrots.

5. Play with the kid games for a uvula. At first show it as it is possible to lick sponges: to slightly open a mouth and to do by a uvula the circular licking movements on the lower and upper lip. Then teach the kid how to reach a uvula a tip of a nose and a chin. And then show to the baby as it is possible to iron the sky a uvula – from teeth moving ahead to a throat. And then together with it "clean" a uvula an internal part of the top teeth, moving ahead to the left and to the right. It is also possible to count everyone zubik, resting a uvula. Teach the child to clink a uvula, representing run of a horse. Then put a droplet of honey on a tip of language of the child and ask it to move it forward and back. And now show to the kid a game in balls: that is blow out cheeks together with the kid and set a uvula against cheeks alternately.

6. You learn to rinse a throat of the kid at first dense kissel, then kefir, then liquid kissel, and then mineral water.

7. Arrange a pencil across teeth and do the following with the child: a tip of a uvula reach below a pencil, above. Also put a crumb of bread on a language tip and close lips so that language was visible outside. Also you teach the child to swallow of saliva, without unclenching lips and without moving language.

8. With the child play all games systematically, repeating them as exercises. Begin with 5-6 repetitions once a day. Then increase frequency of games to 2 times a day, and then to three. Gradually add the number of exercises till 10-12 of repetitions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team