How to teach the kid to speak

How to teach the kid to speak

When the kid begins to speak is put even during pre-natal development, but it is possible to bring closer this day a little. That the child began to speak earlier, it is necessary to be engaged with him in some exercises which develop a brain, and respectively and the speech. The earlier you will begin to pay it attention, the quicker you will hear the accurate and conscious speech, but not just babble of the kid.


1. Since the birth of the child try to talk to him as much as possible. The speech has to be accurate and distinct, the child will begin to imitate you, and will break language too, and to disaccustom to it will be difficult. Of course, it is not necessary to talk to the child as the adult, there has to be "golden mean" in communication with the child. Read to the kid of the book corresponding to his age, literature for advanced age will be to the small child unclear and it will not be perceived by a brain. Speed of reading has to be slow that the child managed to understand that you read it.

2. It is noticed that the children attending kindergarten develop quicker, it is promoted by communication with peers. If you have no opportunity to go to kindergarten, drive the kid on the playground or on the developing courses of preschool education. So the child not only will learn to speak quicker, but also socially adapts. Be not afraid that the kid will be ill, sooner or later he all the same should communicate with other children and it is simple not to avoid catarrhal diseases.

3. If the child long does not speak, do not worry, some children begin to talk well at the age of 2-3 years. It is not considered a terrible aberration. Such kids usually at once and well begin to be stated by offers, and is more often even not simple, but difficult in which a certain thought is enclosed. Play with the child logical games, talk, read and communicate, and the child will begin to speak when the brain develops to the necessary degree.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team