How to teach to write the lefthander

How to teach to write the lefthander

More than 85% of people in the world are right-handed persons. Therefore the vast majority of objects and devices is made for them. If the kid was born the lefthander, to him a few different approach is required.


1. The most important is to understand that the levorukost is not a shortcoming, it is feature of an organism. Therefore do not try to retrain the little lefthander and do not force to use the right hand - it is fraught with nervous breakdowns.

2. Surely prepare the kid for the fact that at school most of children will be right handed.

3. By all means stock up with patience. Most likely, the child needs more time to learn to write, than the right-handed person.

4. Try to buy in office shop special goods for lefthanders (pencils, handles, scissors). Producers of such goods, for example, fill handles with quick-drying ink. It considerably facilitates process of the letter for children – usual ink of the lefthander owing to features of position of a hand smears.

5. Surely record skill at the kid to keep a pencil or the handle at arm's length no more than 4 centimeters from a tip. Many in general consider that this basic that should teach the lefthander by the letter.

6. Experienced teachers give the hint how to teach to write the lefthander. For this purpose put the sheet of paper before the child along the left hand and incline to the right. A hand of the kid arrange the same as the hand of the right-handed person is located by the letter. At such way the left hand falls into a state "over line" and it becomes easier to write.

7. It is possible to apply other way. Allow the child to turn a hand to a breast, and put a leaf more to the left in relation to the little lefthander. But do not insist on any given way. Perhaps, your child will think up some other method of the letter convenient for it.

8. It is known that many lefthanders try to write in specular reflection. Draw the attention of the child to this fact. Think out together with it visions which will help it to remember better as it is necessary to write figures or letters.

9. It is also proved that at lefthanders skills of automatism are more difficult formed. Therefore patiently work with the child household skills like setting of laces or fastening of buttons. As a result the automatism will pass also to the letter.

10. It is very probable that your child lefthander so never also will seize art of a calligraphy. Do not abuse it for bad handwriting – difficult to write lefthanders continuously, it is almost impossible to write with an inclination to the right because the working hand closes already written.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team