How to temper the child of 3 years

How to temper the child of 3 years

Hardening is one of the real opportunities promoting strengthening of immunity. But if at infantile age many parents do not have enough time or persistence for regular holding similar procedures, then hardening of children of 3 years is often caused by need of creation of own barrier before those infections which the kid faces in children's collective.


1. The main objective which is pursued by hardening of the child concerns thermal control process normalization. That is the kid who got used to a temperature difference adequately reacts to easy overcooling, without getting sick. It is obvious that by three years practically each parent knows about advantage of solar and air bathtubs. It is necessary to decide only on how to carry out water procedures. It is necessary to begin with damp rubdowns. For this purpose the terry towel undertakes, it is moistened in warm water, wrung out. It rubs off handles, legs and the child's back. It is not necessary to wipe after the similar procedure of the kid. Usually rubdowns by a damp towel recommend for newborns, but if the child too painful, then and in 3 years not late to try this way of hardening. Gradually temperature decreases up to room. If the child normally transfers rubdowns, it is possible to pass to douches.

2. Begin douches with hands and legs with water, is several degrees more cool than that that it is intended for bathing. Gradually water temperature decreases, reaching room, but it is possible only in case the child normally postpones a procedure of douche. It has to be perceived adequately, but not be followed by daily scandals as the condition of nervous system makes nearly the dominating impact on immunity.

3. Among subtleties of how to temper the child of 3 years, there is time of the beginning and regularity of this process. It is possible to be engaged in hardening only when the child is completely healthy. Even the simplest cold as a result of similar water procedures can develop into more serious disease. If the kid has chronic diseases, then it is the best of all to consult concerning hardening with the treating pediatrician who observes the child since the birth. It is not necessary to expect one-stage result from douches, at gradual decrease in temperatures and accustoming of the kid, to count on any impact on immunity earlier, than in a month, just it does not make sense.

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