How to treat a lock of newborns

How to treat a lock of newborns

Lock - the frequent phenomenon at children since the birth and about one year. Usually such diagnosis is made if at the kid the delay of a chair makes more than two days, and during defecation he feels the discomfort which is shown grunting, attempts and shout. Treatment of a disease needs to be carried out in a complex under control of the pediatrician.


1. At first it is necessary to find out, than the lock is caused. Perhaps, the child had some infectious disease or mom transferred the kid from breastfeeding on artificial. In that case, perhaps newborn there is not enough cellulose in a diet. In that case mom should eat more fresh vegetables and fruit which promote development in breast milk of necessary substances.

2. If the food mixed or artificial, is better to give to the kid a little water, the quantity will be defined by the pediatrician. He will show what water to give to the child. Besides, you can begin to give acidified milk formulas once a day. They promote good work of a digestive tract and serve as good prevention of locks.

3. Sometimes use of special laxative medicines which are appointed by the doctor in a certain dosage, for example, ""Duphalac"", ""Prelaks"", Laktusan is necessary.

4. Well massage helps with treatment of locks. Consult to doctors, perhaps, they will recommend you the necessary expert in this area. You can carry out the procedure independently. For this purpose put the child on a tummy and with circular motions massage area of a tailbone and buttocks then turn on a back and carry out circular motions clockwise in a stomach.

5. Try that the kid moved during the day much. Lift him on hands, bend and unbend legs, carry out various movements by hands, you pace about the room and consider objects. Get a rubber ball and stack the kid a tummy from above.

6. Pay attention to the newborn's weight, on average it has to gain from 600 grams a month. The shortage of body weight testifies to malnutrition.

7. Examine the kid on existence of cracks and damages to back pass. Use the special softening creams and oils. Do not thrust to the child into an anus foreign objects, sticks, pencils, etc. at all. Consult to the doctor about application of an enema. Will prompt to you as it is correct to perform the procedure not to do much harm to the newborn. Usually, for the newborn water of room temperature in number of 30 milliliters undertakes. For an enema of this volume enough. You should not be fond in such a way defecation callings as well as an exhaust tube.

8. At locks in a stomach the consolidation often appears from behind a big congestion of gases. In that case give to the child dill water which can be bought in pharmacy or to prepare independently, or tea from fennel.

9. Special cases, for example, impassability of a rectum or small intestine meet. Surgery is in that case shown.

10. After each meal try to spread the child on a tummy that it had the air from a stomach which got there during feeding.

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