How to treat an allergy at the baby

How to treat an allergy at the baby

The allergy at babies has the features. At this age, as a rule, allergic reactions arise in response to the use of any products. This pathology at babies most often in the form of allergic dermatitis is shown. Its treatment is carried out taking into account the principles of the termination of intake of allergen to an organism of the child, acceleration of its removal and elimination of manifestations of this reaction.


1. Allergic dermatitis first of all on a face is shown, at aggravation of a disease extends to all body. Find out on what product there is this reaction. Babies as the main food receive maternal milk or dairy mix. If the child is on chest feeding, reconsider the diet. Use the principles of a hypoallergenic diet for the food. Exclude all color fruit and vegetables, preservatives, smoked products, spices, coffee and chocolate.

2. If the kid is on artificial feeding, change dairy mix. There is a number of mixes for the children inclined to allergic reactions. At introduction of a feeding up adhere to the recommendations of pediatricians. Use only those vegetables and fruit which grow in the field of accommodation, color (red and yellow apples, a citrus) exclude. At introduction of meat products as a feeding up use hypoallergenic grades — meat of a turkey and rabbit. Dairy products — cottage cheese and kefir, do not buy in shops, and receive in dairy kitchen.

3. After an exception of hit of allergens in an organism of the child it is necessary to accelerate their removal. Use sorbents which connect and alien agents neutralize. Give to the child activated carbon, Filtrum or Enterosgel in the dosages specified on packing of medicines.

4. For acceleration of removal of allergens and elimination of an itch at allergic dermatitis give to the child antihistaminic medicines, it is better than the second or third generation — Tsetrin, Klaritin, Zirtek and Ksizal in the corresponding dosages. Apply medicines once a day, treatment duration not less than 7 days.

5. Locally process sites of the changed skin of the child antiseptic solutions, it will help to prevent accession of an infection. Use solutions of diamond greens, a fukortsin and others. Daily apply heat baths with broths of herbs of a nettle, a root of a burdock, tyasyachelistnik to reduction of a skin itch and moistening of skin. Do not apply a train, a camomile and a celandine, broths of these plants dry skin. After a bathtub you apply children's cream, especially on area of skin folds.

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