How to treat arthritis at children

How to treat arthritis at children

Arthritis – the disease accompanied with inflammation of joints – occurs not only in adults, but also in children. The postponed infectious disease, strong overcooling, a trauma, hereditary predisposition, etc. can become the reason of development of arthritis.

It is required to you

  • - cabbage;
  • - honey;
  • - mustard plasters;
  • - fresh roots of a celery;
  • - fresh coniferous needles;
  • - cowberry leaves;
  • - flowers of a camomile pharmaceutical;
  • - sage grass.


1. In certain cases developing of this disease can be connected with food allergy, bad digestion and absorption of nutrients. Also the insufficient amount of some minerals (zinc, copper, magnesium and calcium) and fatty acids can play a certain role in an organism of the baby. Surely check your child for presence of food allergy. Following the recommendations of the doctor, exclude the products causing allergic reactions, semi-finished products, preservatives and artificial dyes from his diet. Ask the expert to pick up to the kid the children's vitamin complex containing an omega-3 and an omega-6 of acid which help to remove inflammatory processes.

2. Well will help to remove inflammation of joints cabbage. Carefully wash up a cabbage leaf and make a knife several notches. Slightly warm up, grease with honey and apply to a sore point. Wind from above with cellophane and wrap up with a warm scarf (scarf, a piece of fabric). Such compress is recommended to be done for the night.

3. Use mustard compresses for treatment, they well warm up joints, take off pain. Children of early age are recommended to put them through a double layer of a gauze (bandage) or a linen (cotton) napkin. Moisten a gauze in warm water (38-39 degrees), put it twice and apply to the right place. For several seconds dip a mustard plaster into water and slightly wring out. Apply it the mustard party to a gauze and densely press. Lay necessary quantity of mustard plasters on the specified scheme then it is recommended to cover them from above with a towel and to cover the child with a blanket. Each 2-3 minutes check a condition of skin of the kid (babies have each 30-60 seconds). As soon as it gets the expressed reddening, mustard plasters need to be removed. Wash the reddened site warm water, rub off a towel and oil special baby or a milk for a body, sterile vaseline (vegetable) oil. Time of holding procedure no more than 10 minutes.

4. Reduction of inflammation of joints is promoted by celery infusion. In the enameled pan bring 400 ml of water to boiling, fill up 1 tablespoons of the crushed celery roots in boiled water, carefully stir and disconnect. Insist not less than four hours then filter. Give to the child in 30-40 minutes prior to meal 1 tsp.

5. Prepare broth from cowberry leaves. In a small pan bring 0.2 l of water to boiling, add 2 tsps of the crushed leaves of cowberry to boiled water and you cook on the minimum fire of 15-20 minutes. Cool to room temperature and filter. You give to drink to the kid during the day in the small portions.

6. Well help at arthritis coniferous bathtubs which need to be accepted every other day within a month. Take 300 g of fresh coniferous needles and fill in them 0.5 l of boiled water. Remove to the warm place for 4-5 hours. Filter ready infusion and pour out in a bathtub. Procedure duration – 10-15 minutes at the water temperature of 37-38 degrees.

7. Bathtubs with a sage and a camomile are useful. In a big pan fill up in identical proportions a sage and a camomile (on 100 g), fill in with boiled water (5 l) and set aside aside for 2-3 hours. Filter and pour out in a bathtub. Duration of reception of a bathtub – 15 minutes, water temperature – 38-39 degrees, a course of treatment – 15 procedures performed every other day.

8. Be not engaged in independent treatment of the child, all your actions have to be surely coordinated with the doctor observing it.

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