How to treat candidiasis at the child

How to treat candidiasis at the child

Earlier this fungal infection was called a plesnyavka or the milkwoman, call on a patrimonial name now - candidiasis. Every third child meets this disease which is caused by drozhzhepodobny mushrooms from a sort Candida already in maternity hospital.


1. See a doctor at the first signs of the milkwoman. Delete films from mucous a mouth of the kid by means of the cotton tampon moistened in 2% soda solution (1/4 teaspoons of baking soda on a glass of boiled water). You carry out the procedure several times a day. Try not to use brilliant green, buy special antifungal solution or cream for processing of a mouth of babies in pharmacy better. You can buy powder of nystatin and part it according to the instruction.

2. Grease before feeding of a pacifier the prepared solutions, and after acceptance of food - a children's mouth. Constantly check inguinal folds of the kid, the thin skin in these parts often reddens, its top layer - epidermis - can peel off, and in the bared sites to appear liquid of white color. All this is followed by an itch why the child becomes uneasy. Use of powders, oils and creams will not help with such cases. Process leather anti-fungal ointment with nystatin or levoriny.

3. You watch that the kid had no intestinal infections. At some of them reception of antibiotics which strengthen the milkwoman is recommended and promote her transition to internals.

4. You spend with the kid more time in the fresh air, begin every morning with massage and gymnastics, be engaged in hardening. The milkwoman meets at the weakened children more often. The immunity of it of the baby should be strengthened in all ways that candidiasis did not take roots in an organism, having caused fungal pneumonia (pneumonia) or blood poisoning (sepsis).

5. Use gauze diapers (surely you boil them) until completely cure the kid. Such diapers need to be changed as often as possible, only then mushrooms under them will be able to breed.

6. Process if you use, nipples, dummies by boiling. Sterile objects there have to be five or six pieces, store them in the closed container (jar), changing as required.

7. Consult to the doctor: perhaps you should buy medicine on the basis of a flukonazol who is allowed for use from six-month age. Before making any manipulations on the processing struck mucous the child wash hands thoroughly.

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