How to treat cough at the 6-month-old child

How to treat cough at the 6-month-old child

Small children quite often catch a cold or get sick with the infectious diseases which are followed by cough. If the six-month kid has cough, then it is impossible to self-medicate at all. Only the doctor will be able to appoint medicine and to define its dosage.


1. Treatment of cough at the six-month child has to be directed to elimination of a cause of illness, but not to repayment of a symptom. To facilitate a condition of the little patient, it is possible to use several receptions.

2. If cough is caused by bronchitis, then take the kid on hands more often and pat it on a back, it will help to clean bronchial tubes. You give to drink to the kid more often, liquid brings toxins out of an organism and dilutes a phlegm. At bronchitis to children usually appoint antibiotics, antihistamines and expectorant mixtures.

3. If cough developed at the six-month child against the background of acute respiratory diseases, then it is possible to use coltsfoot broth, plantain juice, extract of fruits of an anise as expectorant means. Do not forget that all new products (including medical broths), the child should give, since small trial doses that will make sure of absence of an allergy. But these means serve only auxiliary, and it is not necessary to limit treatment only to national recipes. Effect of broths of officinal herbs has the short-term period of action, and increase the number of receptions will promote emergence of an excessive phlegm with which the organism of the small child will not be able independently to cope.

4. As the main means for treatment of cough at ORZ and a SARS to children usually appoint Atsetiltsistein or Ambraksol. These means have property to dilute a phlegm, expectorant and anti-inflammatory effect. What drug should be taken in your specific case and in what dosages, your attending physician will define.

5. For complex treatment of cough at six-month children it is recommended to use in house conditions and light massage of area of a thorax. Such action will help to improve otkhozhdeny phlegms.

6. Do massage by easy movements, clockwise combine stroking with the tapping and patting movements. You carry out also massage of reflex zones (for example, a foot). The efficiency of massage can be increased, applying vegetable balm "Bronkhikum" or "Doctor of MOM".

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