How to treat the wound to the child

How to treat the wound to the child

Driving the bicycle, lasagna on trees, active games in the yard are the most frequent reasons of traumatizing kids. Therefore each parent needs to know how to give the child first aid and it is correct to treat the most various wounds.


1. Try not to bandage grazes at the child. They heal much quicker in the open air, than under a bandage or an adhesive plaster. Grazes, as a rule, are very painful since in the upper layers of the skin there are many nervous terminations. Wash a wound with peroxide of hydrogen, around it accurately clean pollution with boiled water. Further process a graze any anti-septic tank, for example, spirit solution, brilliant green, calendula broth. If near at hand there is no antiseptics, apply to a graze the bandage moistened with strong solution of salt (1 tablespoon on a glass of water). Do not process a graze cotton wool not to allow sticking to a wound of fibers.

2. The polluted wounds are best of all cleaned, thanks to the bleeding which is washing away dirt and causative agents of an infection outside. But nevertheless, wash out a wound clear boiled or mineral water. Never you apply ointment, spray or powder on an open wound. Having cleaned damage from pollution, process it hydrogen peroxide, then any anti-septic tank. If necessary apply a sterile bandage on a wound.

3. Delete the splinters or splinters most often causing inflammation on skin of children by means of the clean, processed by spirit solution tweezers. Grasp a splinter closer to its basis and try to take it under the same corner under which she stuck into the child's skin. Damaged, exempted from a splinter or a splinter, wipe the site of skin of the kid with any disinfectant.

4. If your kid hit the head, entrust survey of such wound to the expert. Only the doctor will be able to reveal potential internal damages. You can give the kid only first aid, having covered a wound with a sterile bandage which is better to recording by means of plasters.

5. From stings, for example, of dogs or rats, the doctor has to process wounds, very often at teeth of animals there are various causative agents of infections.

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