How to treat varicosity at pregnancy

How to treat varicosity at pregnancy

The varicosity is called with an ulterior motive "a disease of a century": it not only is widespread, but also promptly "looks younger". Today the first symptoms of this disease quite often are found in absolutely young people. Often varicosity develops in pregnancy time – it is connected with increased load on legs at pregnant women.


1. Many methods of treatment of a varicosity, in particular, reception of the majority of medicines and also sclerotherapy and surgery are contraindicated to pregnant women. Therefore if you seriously thought of giving birth to the child, previously treat a disease. For this purpose address the phlebologist not earlier than in three-four months prior to the planned pregnancy approach.

2. If you already wait for the kid, your actions have to be directed to allowing stagnation of blood in legs and to improve its outflow. Here the main methods will be physical activity (gymnastics, walks on foot), and so-called compression therapy. Compression treatment is carried out by wearing elastic stockings or bandaging of legs by bandage. Elastic stockings can be various length: to knees (golfs) or above. The last – it is more preferable as provide a compression on all length of legs.

3. Compression knitwear has also shortcomings: after long carrying and several washings it can lose the properties. Therefore, somewhat, bandaging of legs is more preferable than wearing special stockings or golfs. Bandage legs by certain rules: since foot, the first bandage – clockwise, the second – against. To impose elastic bandage, as well as to put on compression knitwear, follows in the morning, lying in a bed. For the night they act.

4. From flebotropny medicines are allowed for inclusion in time of pregnancy only to Venoruton (it is contraindicated in І a trimester!) and "Detralex". Reception of the last should be stopped after the delivery – in case you nurse. The medicines "Eskuzan", "Endotelon", "Docsium" are contraindicated to pregnant women!

5. Reception of Venoruton and "Detralex" should be carried out only after consultation of the doctor at whom you are observed during pregnancy. Do not begin it on own initiative at all. The same ban concerns also other medicines which are traditionally applied to treatment of varicosity: normalizing blood clotting, anti-inflammatory and others – to pregnant women they are appointed only according to strict indications.

6. Application of means of local influence (gels and ointments – for example, "Essaven-gelya", Liotona and others) is often allowed to pregnant women as they do not get into a blood-groove and do not do harm to a fruit. These means bring good effect in combination with compression treatment, however before their application nevertheless consult to the expert.

7. Try not to allow a big increase in weight – usually it provokes development of varicosity during pregnancy. You watch a food allowance and the drinking mode and also regular depletion of intestines: locks – the frequent reason of appearance of a varicosity. Enrich the menu with the products containing vegetable cellulose – vegetables, fruit. Do not take any laxative drugs without the recommendation of the doctor, many of them are contraindicated to pregnant women.

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