How to use timeouts in education

How to use timeouts in education

The timeout is the reception of education with success used by some parents. Especially often need of use of timeouts arises during the periods of children's crises when kids and teenagers often take the fling.


1. If you cannot control the child, he does not want to cooperate and resists any reasonable offer – the timeout is necessary for both of you. The essence of this method is that the child is free to resist and express the emotions somehow, but only not in the face of adults. Take it and carry to other room, leave or ask to leave it. Time for a timeout is defined by years of the child – if the kid is 4 years old, it means has to stay in isolation 4 minutes.

2. The purpose of timeouts is not in intimidating the child and to suppress his will, isolation gives to the kid the chance to think over the behavior. As the capricious child has no audience any more also a hysterics it does not make sense to roll up, the child usually quickly calms down. Moreover, he begins to be ashamed and realize that such not constructive methods of impact on parents as shout, crying and a hysterics not only will not bring it the desirable, but also will lead to isolation. One timeout for awareness of uselessness of bad behavior is enough for some children.

3. One more advantage of timeouts is that they stop attempts of manipulation of parents. Did you have to see the children who are ugly behaving at counters of the shops but finally receiving that they want? And if parents of such child learned to use timeouts in house conditions in time, in public such scenes could and be avoided.

4. For a timeout it is important to organize isolation correctly. Do not leave the child in the dark room – it is not necessary to add to his stress also fear. It is not necessary to lock the child too, but he has to know that it is only possible to leave when allow it. You enter to the kid after the hysterics comes to the end and timeout time will expire.

5. The incident can be not discussed with small children – begin a conversation with that moment during which the disobedience attack began. Children in that case understand that they did wrong, and are happy with the fact that you do not become angry and also opportunities to prove the obedience. It is necessary to talk and discuss his behavior with more adult child or the teenager. Explain to the child that you are always ready to cooperation and constructive dialogue, but whims and blackmail to it to achieve nothing.

6. If you act by rules, the technique of a timeout will bear quite good fruits. Besides, the child will not feel small since punishment in fact was not, and you in his eyes will find additional authority. It is impossible to use an isolation method in case the child is sick, scared or endures a severe stress. Remember that a timeout – a fight method only with total disobedience and whims.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team