How to warm up breast milk

How to warm up breast milk

The frozen breast milk can help out in unforeseen situations – relatives can feed the kid while mom forcedly is absent or her it is necessary to leave for some time. If it is correct to defreeze and warm up breast milk, then it will keep all useful properties.


1. Get milk from the freezer. It is necessary to store breast milk in the freezer therefore when defrosting it needs to be moved to the fridge. On the shelf of the refrigerator, milk can be defrozen in 12 hours.

2. Warm up milk by means of warm water. This way is good the gradualness – milk is defrozen at once, but quickly. Put a small bottle, a container or a package of the frozen milk under a stream of warm water. It is convenient to defreeze small bottles in the small capacity filled with warm water. In process of cooling, water needs to be changed for warm.

3. Use a water bath. It is necessary to warm up milk on a water bath attentively – important not to overheat it. Temperature chestof milk has to be not higher than temperature of a human body. Prepare a wide pan, pour water approximately on a quarter there. Take capacity less, put it on water and place a container with milk there. Establish a design on a plate, having included slow fire. Regularly stir slowly milk.

4. Warm up milk in the special device. The heater of small bottles with mix or milk is convenient as it allows to warm and use breast milk with the maximum conveniences. Do not worry about overheating – it can warm up breast milk only up to the established temperature. With this device you will be able to maintain the necessary temperature of contents of a small bottle for some time. Use the heater on trips or on a visit.

5. Heat milk in the microwave oven. This method allows to warm up milk in only a few minutes and is often used in case of a lack of time. You watch closely uniformity of heating – stir slowly and move the container with milk. Do not heat milk often in such a way as there is an opinion that microwave ovens during the work "kill" useful properties of a product.

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