If the teenager smokes

If the teenager smokes

There are no such parents who would like to see the child among smokers. How to be that who faced what their son or the daughter smoke?

The bans and scandals will not help

Unfortunately, if the teenager is caught by the smoker, then it is, most likely, already not the first cigarette. That is smoking became an addiction which does harm to his health. But it is very important to parents not to give in to panic, it is not necessary to make scandals, not to push away the child from itself shouts and threats.

The teenager begins to smoke not from desire to do to spite to parents. Smoking reason at teenage age is desire not to ego-trip, be worse, than peers, to show the independence and independence. But if the teenager realizes the need for self-affirmation and respect from people around in such quite destructive form, it is a signal of existence of psychological problems. It means that the teenager was not understood and heard in time by parents, his need for trust, respect and understanding so remained from their party which is not understood. Of course, smoking, from the point of view of parents, - it is bad. But it is impossible to blame for everything only the child. It is important to try to come into contact with him, to restore the broken trust. That occurred, the teenager has to feel that you accept him, it what it is, with his problems and even addictions.

Informal conversation

As well as in all cases connected with teenage problems, the universal recommendation is an informal conversation. Try to understand what motives, problems and experiences pushed your son or the daughter to smoking. Do not abuse the teenager, but do not hide that you are upset, and, above all – that health of the child and his state of mind is not indifferent for you.

It is better if the conversation on such difficult subject is conducted by that person in family with whom the teenager the most trusting and cordial relations – can have it someone from parents, or the grandfather, the grandmother, the aunt. Take an interest what cigarettes he smokes, how often, on how many in day when and under what circumstances he tried for the first time.

But if the teenager becomes reserved, does not answer your questions, you should not forbid him to walk, communicate with friends, to deprive of pocket money. It you will only provoke to break the bans, to begin to smoke to spite, out of teenage feeling of a contradiction.

Education by own example

Try to push the teenager to the decision to leave off smoking and in every possible way support him in this undertaking. You impart experience if you threw or you leave off smoking. Suggest to throw together if you smoke. However in the latter case you have to manage to throw really that the teenager could not accuse you of dishonesty, and "double standards".

Anyway, you remember that support and understanding of family, a quiet house situation with confidential and respect of parents is especially necessary for the teenager. And smoking of the teenager is not an occasion to do a situation intolerable because of constant notations and scandals.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team