It is time to go to maternity hospital

It is time to go to maternity hospital

By the end of the 3rd trimester of future mothers leaves feeling of self-confidence, and to it the concern for safe childbirth and health of the kid comes to replacement. Besides the women expecting the first baby have doubts in correctness of recognition of the symptoms giving a signal of need to go to maternity hospital.

Some days before childbirth the huge stomach which is cardinally changing a bearing and functional features of an organism falls down. Externally it can remain imperceptible, however signs of omission of a uterus are increase of desires to urination and change of nature of pain in a waist. On achievement of the 3rd trimester all future mothers go clinic for women to a lecture about the correct behavior during childbirth. You should not postpone it as premature fights can overtake on the 38th week. In this lecture it is told about how there is childbirth, to breathe properly during the decisive fights and also that needs to be taken in maternity hospital.

By the end of pregnancy the activity of the kid decreases. You should not be frightened it – to it it becomes just close in a stomach.

In the last month, false contractions are possible – from them the stomach turns into stone and clenches, but they do not lead to approach of childbirth. To distinguish them from the presents, it is necessary to mark a time interval between them. At false it is changeable and increases, decreases. The interval between the presents gradually decreases. Primipara women, if it did not appoint planned operation on Cesarean section, can not hurry in delivery room as fights continue from several hours to several days. During the strengthening of a pain syndrome and reduction of an interval up to 5 minutes it is necessary to put on, take in advance collected package of things and to go to maternity hospital.

In the majority the cities in delivery room it is authorized to leave phone and means of hygiene for mom and the kid, other things, including outerwear, it is necessary to give to the accompanying relatives.

Besides fights there are also other symptoms of the occurring childbirth signaling about immediate need to leave in hospital. It is an otkhozhdeniye of amniotic waters or a mucous stopper. Dribble of waters can begin for several days, and can happen at once. It says about violation of integrity of a fetal bubble and, as a rule, is followed by emergence of prompt fights therefore to hesitate with a call of the ambulance or car it is impossible. The mucous stopper looks as a dense clot of white jellylike weight with red streaks and usually it is found future mothers during visit of a toilet. It departs when the neck of the uterus begins to reveal and be preparing for the child's exit. Process of expansion of a neck of the uterus continues several days and often is followed by painful, but not strong contractions. They are tolerant, but prevent to fall asleep therefore on arrival to maternity hospital and after survey by the doctor it is worth asking to give the anesthetizing injection stopping false uterine reductions. He is put in a buttock and is necessary to have a rest before childbirth, they can drag on for a long time, and the real fights will not allow to fall asleep until appearance of the child for light. At increase of fights it is recommended to go as foreign muscular contractions absorb a pain syndrome a little and contribute to normalization of the correct breath.

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